Development of Industry Leading Calculators and Design Tools

CATT has created or been involved with the creation of industry software design tools than can run as an APP on your phone, computer and/or via the web.  Below are links to many of these tools.  The tools are custom designed based on the customer needs.  Clients include the Plastic Pipe Institute (PPI), Insituform, Ontario Water Consortium (OWC) and NASTT-BC Chapter. 

Have a specific project in mind? Need a customized tool developed? 

Free Online Web-Based Calculators

    • PPI Boreaid Calculator
    • PPI-Pace Calculator
    • HDPE App

    Industry Leading Gravity & Pressure Pipeline Design Calculators

    • CATT Customizable CIPP Liner Design Calculators
    • BoreAid 

    Green House Gas (GHG) Emissions Calculators

    • CATT/NASTT BC/OWC Green House Gas  Emissions Calculator 

    Free Online Web-Based Calculators


    PPI-Boreaid is a free web based design tool that always users to access the feasibility of using HDPE pipe for a Horizontal Directional Drill (HDD) installation. All calculations are completed in accordance with ASTM F1962 and the Plastic Pipe Institute Handbook.  Web-Links are provided in direct user to the page of the PPI Handbook that define calculations and terms. The tool is a great resource for experience and non-experienced HDD pipe designers and is used around the globe.


    PPI-PACE is a free on-line developed for the Plastic Pipe Institute that completes PVC, HDPE and Iron pressure pipe designs in accordance with each pipe material applicable AWWA Standards. It also contains web-link links to Standards, specifications and resources for the selection of key design parameters. This tool is user friendly even for non-experience pipe designers.


    HDPEapp is a free HDPE pipe calculator developed for the Plastic Pipe Institute that auto scales for the device screen browsers in use i.e. cell phone, notebook, tablet and computer.  The calculator allows users to easy complete HDPE pipe calculations in the PPI Handbook.  Calculations and terms are web-linked to the pages in PPI-Handbook. This user friendly and fully transparent web based tools is an excellent tool for non-experience and experience HDPE pipe designers.


    Industry Leading Gravity and Pressure Pipeline Design Calculators

    CATT Customized CIPP Liner Design Calculators

    CATT has developed many in-house CIPP liner design calculators such as the one shown above.  These calculators can do liner design in accordance with ASTM F1216 Non-mandatory design Appendix X1.1, Water Research Council (WRc) for Circular and Non-Circular pipes along with other design methods.  We have full capability to provide gravity and pressure liner design calculators that can complete single liner designs and/or automate the process complete multiple liner designs one time.  One  design is complete a PDF file is ready for submission that provides all the design calculations.

    Vermeer BoreAid

    Vermeer Boreaid is a commercial HDD design package that was developed at the University of Waterloo then sold to Vermeer Manufacturing Corporation. The Vermeer BoreAid design tool provides a full suite of tools to complete HDD designs following the ASTM F1962 standard for plastic (PE or PVC) pipe and PRCI methodology for steel or fiberglass pipe. It permits complex bore geometrics – multiple compound curves/tangent segments, inadvertent return analysis, and offers the capabilities to perform advanced drill planning and design. This tool is the industry Gold standard for the design of successful complex HDD pipeline installations and is used by HDD designers and contractors around the globe

    Green House Gas (GHG) Emissions Calculator

    CATT in collaboration with the NASTTBC Chapter in 2005 developed the first trenchless GHG emission calculator that compared trenchless versus open cut pipeline installations.  This calculator demonstrated 80 to over 90 percent reduction in GHG emission when trenchless construction methods are used mainly due to reductions in traffic delays and reduced construction time.  This work led to the development of the NASTT Carbon Calculator and Carbon tax credits being available for Municipalities using trenchless construction methods.  Learn more about Trenchless Technology through the BC Climate Action Toolkit website.  PW Trenchless offers an Excel based Carbon Calculator for free download. 

    Working with the Ontario Water Consortium (OWC) CATT developed the first prototype web based wastewater treatment GHG emissions calculator. This calculator has continued under development over the past couple of years and will be released in the near future. 

    This user-friendly and intuitive tool calculates the lifecycle GHG emissions from energy used by various type of electromechanical equipment, as well as, the lifecycle GHG emissions from chemicals used in different treatment processes. It also includes the GHG emissions from the treatment processes such as activated sludge treatment, aerobic or anaerobic digestions, and transportation and disposes of bio-solids and provide the results in charts and tables.