CATT May Be Winding Down but Research at UWaterloo is not.

CATT maybe winding down on April 30, 2022, however, research by Dr. Knight and his TEAM at UWaterloo is NOT Winding Down. In fact, the transfer of CATT’s mandate to the new and exciting Canadian Underground Infrastructure Innovation Centre (CUIIC), at the University of Alberta, will allow Dr. Knight more time to focus on existing ongoing research projects and to expand them. These projects include: how to test and design pressure liners used to rehabilitate pressure pipelines; Subsurface Utility Engineering return on investment analysis; Advancing water infrastructure asset management; the Environmental impacts of CIPP lining materials; and pipeline rehabilitation systems testing.

If you have research, testing or educational needs please feel free to contact Dr. Knight (

Dr. Knight has a 20 plus year track record as an industry leader in the development of custom educational training programs and courses, forensic analysis, expert witness and testimony, testing pipeline rehabilitation materials, verification and validation studies, industry surveys, development of research programs, and the preparation of grants that can offset your research costs. He also develops industry leading design tools such as BOREAID, PPIBOREAID, PPI PACE, HDPEAPP, and CIPPCalc. 



CATT conducts a multi-disciplinary collaborative research with the industry, municipalities and water utilities. 




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