CATT conducts multi-disciplinary collaborative research and development (CRD) projects with the industry, municipalities and water utilities. Furthermore, numerous pilot projects to evaluate new products have been undertaken. These projects have helped in bringing innovative asset management tools, and new trenchless technologies and pipe retrofitting materials to the marketplace, and saved millions of dollars for municipalities, water utilities, and infrastructure service providers.  Since 2011, CATT has undertaken over $3 million worth of CRD initiatives to develop asset management tools and innovative technologies for cost-effective and efficient renovation of water pipelines. A short description of CATT’s current areas of research is provided below.

Potable Water Pipeline Defect Condition Rating

In 2013, CATT’s researchers won the Water Research Foundation award to develop a potable water pipeline defect condition rating system. As part of this project, CATT developed the Water Pipeline Condition Classification (WPCC) system – the first known such system in the world. Over 13 North American municipalities and water utilities, three major technology providers, and a number of academics and industry experts participated in the project. Similar to the WRc and PACP Sewer Condition Classification systems, WPCC provides standard language and codes to describe water pipeline structural and operational condition, as well as failure modes and construction features. The proposed WPCC system has the potential to become a standard protocol for water pipeline condition assessment around the world.

Innovative Asset Management Tools and Advanced Decision Analytics

Since 2004, CATT has been working on the development of innovative tools and data analytics for buried infrastructure asset management. CATT’s asset management research and tools have been developed in partnership with the cities of Niagara Falls, Waterloo, London, Cambridge, and Region of Waterloo. In recognition of CATT’s innovative asset management approach and services to the industry, CNAM awarded the 2018 Asset Management Pioneer Award to CATT.


Trenchless Rehabilitation of Pressure Pipelines using Non-Structural Lining Systems

CATT has helped in the development and commercialization of Tomahawk Water Pipeline Cleaning and Lining System with financial assistance from NSERC, OCE and Envirologics Engineering Inc. Tomhawk is the only system on the market that can clean and prepare the old, rusted water pipe to bare-metal finish to ensure better adhesion of liner to the host pipe. Furthermore, Tomahawk airborne lining (non-structural, AWWA Class I) provides a fast and low cost solution to improve water quality, increase flow and pressure characteristics, and reduce energy cost to pump water through the distribution system.


Trenchless Rehabilitation of Pressure Pipelines using Structural Lining Systems

In May 2017, CATT was awarded a two-year research grant valued at $1 million funded by Insituform Technologies, National Science and Engineering Research Council (NSERC), Ontario Centre of Excellence (OCE) and Alberta Innovates (AI). The grant brought together the University of Waterloo and University of Alberta, as well as CATT and CETT for its first joint research project. At UWaterloo, the research team has built a hydrostatic pressure test facility that can test pressure pipe lining systems under static and dynamic pressures. The University of Alberta team will complete field pilot tests to determine CIPP in-situ mechanical properties and liners’ long-term performance.


CATT is able to provide assistance with new or ongoing projects and can offer a wide variety of Expert Research Services!